Salé, Morocco

Mohammed VI Tower - Sika Solutions in One of Africa's Tallest Buildings

One of Africa's tallest buildings is currently taking shape in Morocco: The 255-meter Mohammed VI Tower in Salé near Rabat meets the strictest environmental standards, and has a striking appearance. Sika is contributing a number of solutions to this superlative project.

Construction site of a high-rise building
Image: The Mohammed VI Tower in Morocco is a true landmark project. Once completed in 2022, it will include a luxury hotel, apartments, and retail space.

The imposing Mohammed VI Tower is located on a site occupying over 100,000 m2  near the Bouregreg river. Following its completion later this year, the 55-story new-build will house commercial premises, apartments, a luxury hotel, and a viewing platform. The Tower's construction is the culmination of a general development project for the Bouregreg valley. The project also encompasses the Rabat Grand Theater, which is being built to a design by Zaha Hadid close to the Mohammed VI Tower. Some of Sika’s innovative solutions have already been implemented there. 

A high-rise satisfying the highest requirements

The 250-meter-plus skyscraper has to meet specific requirements. Among other things, it must be able to withstand possible flooding from the neighboring Bouregreg river, underground chemical exposure, strong winds, and seismic events. Other specifications include a 100-year service life plus compliance with stringent environmental standards (LEED Gold and HQE). Sika is proud to be taking part in this beacon project. The Group landed the contract on account of its good reputation, wide-ranging expertise, and extensive product portfolio. As Sika was already involved in the process of defining specifications, the client was able to obtain top-level advice on the concrete structure and waterproofing of the foundations.

Sika waterproofing solutions for durable concrete structures 

Because of the demanding requirements, an external basement waterproofing was required in order to safely accommodate the owner’s needs. The building’s foundation has been waterproofed with SikaProof® A and SikaProof® P membranes. Thanks to a simple, fast, and secure application, SikaProof® A and SikaProof® P systems are increasingly being chosen for demanding construction projects, thus making the whole construction process more efficient. With innovative grid sealant, the system provides excellent bonding with the concrete, thus preventing any lateral water underflow, making the structure strong and durably watertight.

Construction site of Mohammed VI Tower in Salé near Rabat

High-performance concrete admixtures

Self-compacting concrete has been used in the construction of the high-rise. Sika® ViscoCrete® Technology improves the concrete's flowability as well as its cohesiveness, thereby ensuring good viscosity and pumpability. Moreover, the SikaFume® M concrete admixture increases the durability of the concrete, ensuring the high mechanical resistance required for high-rise construction.