Sika has developed new software for calculating the amount of SikaFiber® required for slab on grade fiber reinforced concrete (FRC). This efficient tool is suited for professionals with expert knowledge in this application. SikaFiber® polypropylene macro-fibers are the ideal solution for partially or totally replacing bulky steel bar or mesh reinforcement in concrete slabs, saving time and money in the construction process. Compared to steel reinforcement, macro-fibers are homogeneously distributed throughout the concrete - increasing durability, reducing cracks and shortening construction time.

Workers pouring concrete from truck for concrete slab flooring with fibers
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SikaFiber fibers for concrete reinforcement

SikaFiber® technology provides several opportunities to improve the fresh and hardened concrete properties in fiber-reinforced concrete. This is especially the case for ground-bearing concrete slabs where SikaFiber® will enhance durability, save time and money.

SikaFiber® is simply added during the concrete production and embedded in the cement-paste matrix as the concrete is being placed.  Macrofibers are especially effective in strengthening edges and corners where conventional reinforcement cannot reach. SikaFiber® transfers forces in the hardened concrete state as an alternative replacement for conventional steel reinforcement. The benefit of reducing reinforcement is the economizing on the weight of reinforcement steel; reducing time in the construction process and overall saving time and money. The SikaFiber® dosage depends on ground conditions, applied loads, concrete strength and slab thickness.

What the SikaFiber® Software Can Do

With the new SikaFiber® software, Sika provides a tool for designing fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) slabs on grade reinforced using polypropylene or steel macro fibers. The tool will determine the optimum dosage of fibers required to reinforce the slab for the specified loading, slab thickness and concrete grade.

Features of the SikaFiber® Tool for Advanced Structural Design

Free licensed software
Complex calculations in minimal time
Calculate with two recognized standards
User-friendly interface
Available in multiple languages
Maintained and up to date
Benefit from the SikaFiber® global range
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SikaFiber® software menu bar loads


SikaFiber® software menu bar check and design

Check and Design

SikaFiber® software menu bar check and design


SikaFiber® software menu bar results



Loadings are added as point loads, material handling equipment (MHE) loads or uniformly distributed loads (UDL). Take a sneak peek into how it looks in the SikaFiber® software.

Screen preview of SikaFiber® software point loads calculation
Screen preview of SikaFiber® software MHE loads calculation
Screen preview of SikaFiber® software uniformly distributed loads calculation

Check and Design

Calculation is quick, and the results are transparent in the check and design step.

Screen preview of SikaFiber® software check and design step


You can see in the results tab the successful values which are highlighted for clarity.

Screen preview of SikaFiber® software results step


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Concrete slab on grade floor in warehouse with SikaFiber fibers

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