Sika Ghana

Sika Chemicals Ghana Ltd, subsidiary of Swiss concern Sika AG, was established in 2021. After many years in the African market, Sika made the decision to innovate in a new site in West Africa.

Sika Chemicals Ghana Ltd will establish production by June 2022 with a fully equipped laboratory facility in Kpone which is located 30km from Accra. This facility will produce a full range of mortars, admixture products like accelerators, retarders, water reducers, plasticizers & water proofers. Cementitious & other several types of waterproofing products, neutral, engineered mortars, tile adhesives, among other concrete protection products.

At this moment, our products are being imported by neighbor Sika subsidiaries until the Factory is ready for production. These products arebeing used for building of residential and commercial infrastructures, bridges, roads, factories, industries, automobile, and many other projects around Ghana.

Sika Ghana

Kpone Rd, District Kpone Katamanso,
Greater Accra, GK0028
Digital Address :GK-0028-7646

Phone:  0257959292
E-mail[email protected]